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With 30+ years on the sled runners I do not intend to give up the thrill of running dogs any time soon. I do, although, intend to keep my numbers relatively low. The best way for me to do this is keep an age gap between dogs. With the youngest dog at 3+ years last summer John and I agreed that it was time for a new pup. I returned to Kindred Moon Kennel where Indy came from because I was so happy with him and his work ethic. A litter was planned and I placed a deposit and patiently awaited news of the impending October litter. I went and view the pups for the first time when snow was already on the ground. I really made my choice right then, but decided to think about what I had seen and make a final decision in a few days. Christmas Eve John drove a friend and I to pick up our new bundle. We expect great things from this little lady.

"Luna" (Kindred Moon's Solar Eclipse)

Luna is showing great potential. I take her out at least 5 times a week on a 2-dog line attached to a ski-jor belt for a jog through the woods behind our home (approximately 1 mile). Sometimes she will run next to another dog (I rotate these so that she does not become too dependent upon running next to any one dog) and sometimes she will run by herself. When running alone she will follow commands as long as I do not try a totally new route. She is extremely excited to see a harness and hits the line hard when hooked up. She is doing great with the "hold tight" command, but has yet to master the "leave it" command I use for passing wildlife. We are planning for a first real hook up when it begins to get cold, probably in September. I will most likely put her next to either Blue or Jada in point. Both dogs have a great work ethic they can share with her. Our first dry land event is scheduled to be at the end of October, at which point she will be just over a year old. We will monitor her progress and conditioning to see if she will be capable of running with the 4-dog team. If she is not quite ready yet I will run her alone in the cani-cross so that she can still get the "race" experience. We then have another dry land event scheduled in the beginning of November and then again in the beginning of December before our snow events start for the season. I am so anxious to see her really hooked up but do not want to push it and rush is her time to be a puppy.

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